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Author & Speaker Dean Rosnau is a retired custom-home designer and builder. A rock climber and mountaineer for the past 43 years, Dean began working as a Search and Rescue volunteer in 1984. After living and working in the eastern High Sierra for 27 years, he recently moved to the central California coast, where he lives with his family. He continues to spend time climbing and searching in the Sierra Nevada.


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JLC (The Journal of Light Construction)

Pinning to Ledge

A rotary hammer, threaded rod, and plenty of epoxy are essential when anchoring a foundation to solid rock

Article written By Dean Rosnau

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Today's log homes are colossal castles built in the most unique places. Made from logs thousands of years old and filled with everything from movie theaters to casinos and even elevators. These owners are spending millions to create their epic log home.

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