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SAR Operations

Through pictures and firsthand experiences, I share the details of how a SAR operation works. From the initial report, to getting the victim out of their predicament.....all wrapped up in edge of your seat narrative that will open your eyes into what search and rescue professionals deal with every day.

Team Dynamics

In every facet, Search and Rescue work is a team effort. Using my SAR history as an educational tool, I use real-life experiences at saving lives for a foundation for any team endeavor, focusing on the value of each team member, no matter their experience level.

Crisis and Risk Management

Through a lifetime of experiences as a technical climber, as well as a Search and Rescue professional, I have gleaned valuable skills that will help your team in dealing with working in dangerous environments. Focus is centered on keeping team members thinking clearly under pressure, even at times when lives may be at risk.

Success under Pressure

All of us are geared towards pursuing success, whether personally or professionally. Failure often comes when the pressure simply tops our desire. But as a First Responder, failure can cost someone their life. With a history of hard-fought battles against the extremes of nature, I share keys to coming out on top.

Leadership and Methodical Planning

The world of Search and Rescue has taught me much about planning.....there's a real sequence to it. More than that, I've learned how to be flexible when the best laid plans are torn apart by circumstances beyond one's control. Through successes and failures, I share what I've learned to lead to the best possible result.

Caring for the Injured & Dealing with Death

Patient care in a wilderness environment has led to some real challenges over the course of my career, dealing with all that nature adds to an already challenging task, both physically and emotionally. Using scores of cases I've dealt with, I share skills I've gleaned while in the thick of keeping someone alive, and the daunting task of dealing with those lost.

Finding your Purpose & Living your Dreams

I discovered early on what I was destined to do with my life. As a man of faith, I've seen over and over again how God has placed me in positions that were simply meant for me. Through insight gleaned from experiences most will never see in their lifetimes, I share the vision for what it means to live out your dreams....and finish STRONG!