Dean is the real deal! We had Dean speak at our Men's Breakfast and his story captured the hearts of our guys. Not only is Dean entertaining, he's raw and uncut. He speaks candidly about his life as a SAR veteran and keeps the attention of everyone in the room. What I love most about Dean is his heart and passion for God is second to none. He doesn't preach at anyone - he simply testifies to the God that has been with him through the highs and lows of his life. Many of our members still talk about Dean and we can't wait to have him come back out for another event in the near future. If you're looking for a speaker that will get the attention of the men in your church, look no further because Dean is your guy!

Adam Magana - Lead Pastor - Active Church - San Luis Obispo, CA



Dean came to share with our company’s Wilderness Club about his life and work as a high altitude Search and Rescue team member for 30+ years.   His presentation recounts rescues, with both happy and sad endings, giving you a glimpse into the real emotional and physical demands of wilderness SAR.   Dean’s presentation style is engaging and informal, making you feel as though you’re sitting around a campfire with an old friend; hearing stories and wisdom gleaned from the front lines of rescue operations.   You are not just a passive audience as he presents these accounts, but an active student, learning from Dean how to best prepare for your adventures in the wilderness and avoid getting yourself into a rescue-required situation.  There’s no better way to complete your knowledge on how to enjoy the outdoors the right way than learning from someone who has seen, time and again, how others have done it wrong and paid a price.  Dean rounds off his presentation, and his book, with a list of recommendations every outdoors enthusiast should adhere to in order to stay safe while doing what they love.  In my mind Dean hasn’t ever stopped his efforts in search and rescue; instead of going into the mountains to respond to an accident, he’s rescuing us before we even leave home by imparting a lifetime’s worth of wisdom that will keep us out of danger.


Sara Burns - Northrop Grumman Company - Redondo Beach, California


I highly recommend that you consider having Dean Rosnau come and speak to your Church.  The evening our men’s leadership team did a phone interview with Dean prior to a major men’s event, we knew God had something special in mind.  Dean is a like-hearted, authentic and dedicated Christ-follower who has allowed his unique life experiences to shape how he shares the timeless message of Jesus.  Each of his messages on Saturday and in our Sunday morning gatherings were relevant, fresh, engaging and gave room for the Spirit of Christ to change hearts.  Don’t miss the opportunity for your Church to be challenged by this authentic and gifted brother.  We continue to track with Dean’s adventures to this day and look at our experiences that weekend as a significant marker in our journeys with God.”  -

-Dan Stipp, Senior Pastor, Lake Gregory Community Church


“He was awesome!”, was the answer my 11 year-old son gave me, when I asked him what he thought of Dean Rosnau’s presentation at our local Boy Scout meeting.
Our troop was so incredibly fortunate to have Dean come and present his beautiful slide show and amazing stories of his time as a search and rescue professional in the Sierra Nevada, especially since our troop was preparing for a 50 mile excursion into the Sierra in the weeks to come. 

The boys had the opportunity to learn so much from Dean's accounts and experience as a rescuer.  Myself, as well as all of the other adults and Scouts in the room felt truly fortunate to have Dean come and share his “awesome” presentation with us!

Thank you so much Dean!
And many blessings to you in all of your future endeavors! Hope to see you on the trail!!

-Heidi Breese,Scout mom and outdoor enthusiast!!!