2018 Search Season Begins!

2018 Search Season Begins!

June 15, 2018


After 10 months of nonstop promotion of my book, including over 40,000 miles of driving, I am heading to the eastern Sierra next week to resume the search for Matthew's resting place. 

While speaking at CalTech in Pasadena last Fall, I was approached by the owner of a documentary film company based in LA who expressed interest in producing a film on my search. We were to begin shooting film next week, but alas, have been held up a bit while waiting for the Special Use Permit from the USFS. Hopefully we will have that soon, and can get this project rolling.

In the meantime, its time for me to get back out there doing what I love! I'm looking forward to doing a BETTER job of keeping you all posted here....and VERY much looking forward to a longer season than last year!

May this be the year! #findmatthewgreene

Berg Heil!